What should you do to prepare?

To help your financial adviser provide you with advice tailored to your needs, you should bring some important details to your first meeting.

This will provide your adviser with initial information about your current personal financial circumstances and will assist them to determine areas where they can help improve your financial position:

Typically you should bring:

  • any wages, salary, interest, rental income and dividends information
  • a list of your current investments, such as property and shares
  • details of any trusts you have settled or are a beneficiary of
  • details of any business you operate
  • your mortgage, credit card and other loans statements
  • details on any insurance policies you hold, such as life insurance, total and permanent disability insurance, trauma insurance and income protection insurance
  • how much you spend on things such as good, clothing, general household expenses including telephone, electricity and council rates - also consider other lifestyle expenses you may have such as holidays and gym memberships
  • any superannuation, KiwiSaver and investment fund statements.

You should also spend time before your meeting to think about your future lifestyle plans and how much you would like to save in the longer term. Think about major events such as holidays, children’s education, weddings and renovations which you will need funding for.

You may want to contact your financial adviser before your first meeting to see if they would like you to bring any other documents with you to the first meeting. Click here if you would like help finding a financial adviser.