Setting investment goals

Setting investment goals is a crucial first  step in your journey towards financial independence. If you don't know what  your goals are, it's unlikely you'll achieve them. 

  • Consider short term and long term goals. 
  • Start thinking in terms of lifestyle, you can  quantify your goals later.
  • Are you looking to buy a house?
  • Do you want to send your children to private  school?
  • Do you have your heart set on an overseas  holiday?
  • Are there debts you would like to clear?
  • Do you want to invest more in your business?
  • Are you starting to think about retirement?
  • Do you want to set up a nest egg to leave your  children or grandchildren?  

Lifestyle goals can take many forms and  should be personally meaningful. Try to be specific. Vague goals like ‘I want  to be financially independent' are unlikely to provide you with the detail you  need to structure a plan to achieve them.  

Once you've spent some time identifying  what you're trying to achieve, speak to your financial adviser. Your adviser  can help you flesh out more detail, quantify what these goals mean in monetary  terms and work with you to construct a plan to get the right results.  

If  you don't have an adviser, contact us and we can help you find an adviser near you.