IOOF Integral Master Trust

The IOOF Integral Master Trust (IMT) comprises of five unit trusts (the "funds") with Portfolio Investment Entity (PIE) status. Tax is therefore paid at your elected Prescribed Investor Rate (PIR) to a maximum of 28%. The five funds currently on offer are the Diversified 40 Fund, Diversified 60 Fund, Global Equities Fund, Cash Holding Fund and Fixed Interest Fund.  The IOOF IMT was established on 1 February 2011 and commenced trading in May 2011.

Each fund pools investors' money with others to access a  wider variety of assets and provide greater diversity than investors may  achieve on their own. The funds offer investors the choice of highly diversified unit trusts investing across a range of asset classes, or specific asset class funds that allow you to tilt your portfolio to a more defensive or aggressive position. You can use these funds to design a portfolio that is specific to your situation and needs. For more information, including the Product Disclosure Statement, please visit our documents and forms section or contact us.