IOOF Integral Master Trust

The IOOF Integral Master Trust is one of the only asset class based portfolio investment entities in New Zealand.

Your clients benefit from:

  • Choice - Investors can choose from any combination of five funds - those being the Diversified 40 Fund, Diversified 60 Fund, Global Equities Fund, Cash Holding Fund and Fixed Interest Fund.
  • Regular reporting - It's easy for you to ensure your clients are kept up-to-date with quarterly transaction statements as well as confirmation of any applications and withdrawals.
  • Secure 24 hour online portfolio - Both you and your clients are able to access performance information and forms at your convenience.
  • Flexibility - We offer a range of easy investment features including a regular savings plan and regular withdrawal plan. You can also switch all or part of your investment between funds at any time*.
  • Low investment minimum - The minimum initial investment amount is $10,000 which can be split across one or more of the fours funds. The minimum investment per fund is currently $1,000.

How are the funds managed?

The funds offered through the IOOF Integral Master Trust utilises the leading investment capabilities of IOOF QuantPlus - a specialist team within our IOOF investments division. Our investment managers are dedicated to delivering solid consistent returns through efficient exposure to a highly diversified portfolio of assets. For more information on the IOOF QuantPlus investment process, please click here.

For more information, including the Product Disclosure Statement and application form, please visit our documents and forms section or contact us.

*Please refer to the relevant offer document for any costs or fees that may apply.