Working at IOOF

Diversity in the workplace

IOOF recognises the benefits of diversity where people from  different backgrounds can bring fresh ideas and perceptions. This helps make  the way work is undertaken more efficient and effective and our company’s  products and services more valued. IOOF’s diversity policy focuses on improving  the representation of:

  • women in senior roles
  • Maori, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders
  • people whose first language is not English
  • people from lower socio economic backgrounds
  • graduates
  • people with a disability.

Development of our people

Equipping our people with the tools, knowledge and skills to  stay competitive is an easy investment we make in our future success. We  promote career development and self-learning which helps to increase  productivity and retention of staff. All employees are encouraged to set  personal development plans with their managers and to undertake training that  is appropriate for their role and future career.

IOOF and the environment

The efficient use of resources makes good business sense,  which is why IOOF is committed to improving our efforts with the environment.  Some of the recent environmental initiatives undertaken include:

  • continued participation in Earth Hour
  • a focus on lowering energy and paper usage
  • paper and comingled waste recycling
  • installing water saving devices.